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Socializing Your Dog

Nicely mannered dogs are great to be around.  Meeting other dogs with confidence and respect is the basis of socializing your pet.


We also encourage your to provide training which will strengthen the bond between you and your dog, leading to a happier and less stressful life for your entire family, including your dog!


Your dog may be a puppy or full grown, and socialization opportunities are key to a happy and safe dog.  As a responsible dog owner, you need to help your dog learn how to cope and respond in different situations and behave in a responsible manner.  Frequently how a dog responds to a situation is dependent on the training and skills of the owner.  We help to teach your dog proper socialization skills while at the same time provide guidelines and support to you to reinforce healthy response and behavior of your dog. 


Dogs have a special developmental period between 3 and 12 weeks of age where socialization is key.  However, whether you have been able to adequately and properly socialize your dog during this period, every dog, at every age, needs continued reinforcement of healthy behavior.  And, dogs usually love being with other dogs.  Encouraging healthy play is just plain fun for them and fun for us to observe!


We design a socialization program especially for your dog that allows them to optimize their behavior and manners! Dogs that participate in our socialization services will need to be non-agressive and respond to basic commands to fit into our programs.




Dogs enjoy being part of a pack.  This is a photo of Donna taking dogs on a pack walk ~ a daily activity when they stay at Stay and Play Dog Care!

Donna on a pack walk with some "big guys!"

Stay and Play Dog Care

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