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 Favorite books and materials

If you love dogs how I love dogs, you too are always looking for more information to enhance your communication with your best friend, as we learn new ways to make the human/companion animal experience richer.  The following are some of my favorite resources, both websites and books that have been helpful and meaningful to me.... in understanding dog behavior and needs, in providing clear and loving communication that reduces dog anxiety, and in training models to teach our dogs to be both joyful and disciplined members of our family.   I encourage you to to check the resources out...relationships are based on skills and we can always increase our skills!  Please check back on this page for ongoing additions.

Some of my favorite books:

  • "Dogs" by Raymond and Lorna Coppinger

  • "When Pigs Fly" by Jane Killion

  • "Dog Whisperer" by Paul Owens

  • "Dog Whisperer" by Cesar Millan

  • "Aggression in Depth" by John Rogerson

  • "Back to Basics, Advance Dog Socialization" by Chad Mackin

  • "New Perspectives on Canine Behavior, Emotion, Training" by Dr. Patricia McConnell

  • "Canine Behavior Academy" by Trish King

I have compiled the following PDF handouts to help you help your dog!





Stay and Play Dog Care

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